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Seeing the doctor about your nuts

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If something's not right with your equipment, it's key that you get it checked out by a pro. Like you would if your car engine started rattling. Here's what to expect from a doctor's appointment about your testicles.

The low down on testicles


If you've noticed something out of the ordinary with your nuts — a lump, swelling, pain or other change — it's time to see your doctor.

We get it. Talking about your testicles with a doctor can feel embarrassing. But we're here to explain the importance of pushing past the awkwardness and getting checked.

Booking your appointment


Getting your appointment booked is the first step. A regular doctor’s appointment is all that's required.

If you've been putting it off, it's time for your moment of courage. Stop what you're doing and book the appointment. Seriously, go book.

What to expect during the appointment


Let your doctor know why you're seeing them and they'll steer the appointment from there. Here's what they're likely to do:

  • Ask you questions — like "Have you suffered any knocks or bangs recently?"
  • Perform a testicular exam — the doc will have a feel of your nuts. They do this for a living so there's no need to feel embarrassed. It shouldn't cause you any pain and in less than a minute, it's over.
  • If things aren’t clear to the doctor after they’ve had a feel, they might suggest an ultrasound to get a better look.

What happens next?


Your check-up is likely to go one of two ways:

  • You get the all clear and continue as normal — making sure to check in on your nuts every now and again.
  • You're referred for some extra tests like an ultrasound or blood test. Our advice? Keep up the momentum — book in ASAP. And don't be afraid to follow up your doctor for your results

While it's easier said than done, try not to worry if you don't get a clear outcome on the day. Take pride knowing that you've taken the right steps — and your balls will be better for it.

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