Our strategy of male health support can be described by three words: Knowledge - Support - Help.

"Know" stands for supporting scientific research projects, improving and expanding treatment options and providing scholarships.

"Support" means that we try to raise awareness on men's health. We participated in the creation of cutting-edge audio-visual materials related to the issue of all urological cancers that was prepared under the patronage of the highest professional bodies - urology and oncology society of the Czech Republic. We also prepared educational materials about prostate cancer - from prevention through diagnosis and treatment to information on life after cancer treatment. These materials were distributed to all hospitals in the Czech Republic. We provide internet consultations on the topic of prostate cancer at and prepared the educational exhibition Pissoir Art Gallery.

"Help" pillar of our activities focusses on the purchase of equipment for Czech hospitals. Last year we supported the purchase of a cutting-edge ultrasound device for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, which will serve patients in Motol Hospital in Prague.

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